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There are various benefits of playing video games. So much research has been done on the effects of video games on an individual’s brain and personality. Studies show digital gaming has a lot of impact on growing minds. Video gamers have the opportunity to work on so many areas of practical life. Because these visual practices let a person explore all the available options to win the battle. That is how children learn communication, management, team rules, leadership, exploring and the list goes on. Moreover, it does not only make study exciting and interesting but also proves a very good mood enhancer. Youngsters experience expressions like laughing, annoying, thrilling and so much more. The use of consoles also helps in strengthening hand muscles and improves coordination.

Educational Benefits of Video Games in the Study:

Parents concern a lot about their child’s academic performance. According to them, studies are the only way to make a bright future for their child. But the new era and strategies of the new era have a lot of changes. Now the skilled and smart brain has more survival chances than the brain that memorized bundles of books. Here comes the role of video games. Research has proved that youngster who is champion in digital gaming have a creative mind. Here are some educational benefits of playing video games.

1) Good for Dyslexia:

Dyslexia is a disorder in which a person faces trouble comprehending the lesson. One of the troubles is the lack of attention in children with dyslexia. There is so much evidence that proves that games that require intense focus and attention have a positive impact on the child’s behaviour.

Here is the list of video games for children with dyslexia:

  1. Boggle Bash
  2. Knoword
  3. Define Time

2)  Learning management:

Games have various aspects. The Player has to consider each of them to win the field. Such as limited resources, team players, opposite team, map, game rules, and so on. If a person spends 2-3 hours gaming on a daily basis then their mind will start responding accordingly. A person starts learning practical management skills that might have a positive effect on real life.

3) Learn Practical Skills:

These days manufacturers of video games focus a lot on purposeful gaming. As the era is a practical era, there is much need to develop practical mindsets. So these visual games have made for the aim to develop some practical skills. Some games challenge your mathematical intelligence, some challenge your common sense, and some challenge your management skills.

social benefits of playing video games:

There are solo and multilayer games. Both types have different impacts on a person. Addiction to playing solo can result in social isolation. Whereas gaming as a team has positive results. Some of them are given here.

4) Learning Teamwork:

Teamwork is a kind of skill. When a group of siblings or friends enjoy their time by playing some games, this does not only make them happy but also they learn a lot. They learn how to work in a team, how to communicate with the team, how to discuss the plan and strategy.

5) Build Social Connections:

2 player or multilayer games involve a team. This means to beat the opposite team you must have a good connection with your team. Daily players get the opportunity to connect with new friends. You also have the opportunity of playing physically with new people such as, at the waiting area or stations to have a good time. The digital game is a good option to go for.

6) Learning Decision making:

Decision making is another important life skill. Like, when to take a step, what should be the next move, what should be the strategy, how to utilize the resources, and much more. Gamer must be able to decide wisely so that he can reach his goal. There are so many challenging virtual games that allow children to learn decision making. That is why youngsters who play are smarter than the kids who do not play.

7) Leader Building:

Researches tried to co-relate the experience of playing in gadget verses their benefits in real life. Studies show that these activities can teach so many leadership skills to the young minds.

video games improve mental health:

Bursting out tiredness and uplifting the mood are the benefits of playing video games.

8) Improve physical balance:

Video games are gadget oriented. These gadgets included smartphones, consoles, mouse, or keyboards. You need to be an expert in controlling the tools. When you start practicing gaming, you will face some handling difficulties. But when you keep on playing you will improve. This is because you have learned the balancing. That is how directly or indirectly you will improve eye-hand coordination, shoulder coordination, and also strengthening up the muscles.

Not only physical balance and strengthening involved but also practical skills balancing is included. Studies have been done on professionals who play video games as a recreational activity. The results found that experts who play are more skillful, energized, and optimistic compared to non-playing professionals. Expertise might include surgery, pilots, etc.

9) good Stress-busting therapy:

Your gaming time is going to reduce your stress or going to induce the stress all is dependent on the type of game you are playing. There are categories of games. Your selection and choice will define the benefits of playing video games. If you select a violent or intellectual game then this will not help you out in working with the stress level but can increase it. On the other hand, if you pick stress free, lighter mode, and the fun-ful game then this will help you a lot. Chilling and relaxing will make you feel stress-free.

10) good mood booster:

Choose a simple, fun game, and enjoy your time. You can also choose 2 player options to make it a quality fun time with your friend or sibling. Your hectic day can be made light with these relaxing small breaks. When you feel tired and want to escape from the workload then you must try this therapy. 

Top mood busting games:

  1. Angry bird
  2. Year Walk
  3. Bastion


The benefits of playing video games can turn into disadvantages as well. This will happen when the positive attitude towards gaming flips to a bad attitude. For instance gaming addiction, aggression, bad behavior, etc. But yes, this factor is totally avoidable. Here comes the important role of parents and children’s guardians. They have to keep a keen eye on the type of gaming content plus on the age factor. Here is the checklist for parents to consider before they allow their kids to play video games.

  1. Discard violent games from the game’s gallery and add fun, educational and positive games
  2. Motivate your child to play multiplayer video games that have so many good effects.
  3. There must time a table for playing games
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